Aloha 2014!




We have lived in Hawaii for 325 days.  WOW the time has absolutely flown.  Even though I’ve been housebound since Christmas day, when I inconveniently sprained my ankle, that time spent at home has gone incredibly fast.  Christmas day consisted of gift exchanges, the now traditional BBQ rib dinner and 4 hours in the emergency room.  The ER visit will NOT become a tradition.  A tradition that I hope to continue, is company from the mainland.  We had a variety of visitors from Thanksgiving and almost the whole month of December.  We had a blast watching Christmas parades, hanging out, eating and drinking and laughing with dear friends we haven’t seen in a while and of course making sand people on the beach. 

CARLA - Hapuna Sand man

I have of course kept busy by working from home and I really think the nice weather has kept any depression at bay.  I’ve been fortunate that I can work from home and get a lot done.  As it were I was supposed to be absent from the office for about 10 days anyway for a buying show, but that didn’t happen when my Dr. made me stay home.  Rachel was here for about 10 days for Christmas and we had a great time.  I didn’t get to see her a lot because I was working and then when we got to the weekend, I couldn’t get out, due to me being a total klutz.  Besides  crutches and me don’t work very well on stairs or sand. Rachel and Mitch were able to have some great dad/daughter time.  They did some hiking and were out and about most of the time. 

This first video is of waves that we thought were big.  Little did we know that they would be getting larger and the beaches would eventually close for a while. The islands have been under a surf advisory or warning for the last several weeks, which I guess make for good surfing.  But those waves don’t make for good boogie boarding for me, I’m a chicken.



This particular video is when Hapuna Beach was closed.  We walked out to the point to look down on Hapuna and were stunned at how far the surf is coming up the sand.  Rocks are being exposed that we’ve never seen before and as you can see there aren’t any people.  On any other day the beach is lined with beach umbrellas, swimmers, people sunning and simply enjoying the best beach on Hawaii island.  It will be interesting to see Hapuna when I can get back there sometime soon.


The waves this weekend are estimated to be 30-40 foot waves.  I don’t have any video, but I know that some houses on north and west facing shores are under high tide and huge surf watch.  Tomorrow…back to the office for me, minus the crutches and cast….yeah!  I LOVE being mobile.