Was I absent that day?


Moving to Hawaii has made this is a unique time in our lives.  I’m not so sure that I’ve ever been so stress free.  We have plenty of money from the sale of the house with additional income coming in weekly, so that’s not a worry.  We’ve stanched the bleeding of money that comes with a move and we have a lot of free time.  I’ve been looking for work since December, and when the house sold in January, I shifted my job focus to Hawaii, knowing that we could now move. As we all know, looking for a job brings  its own level of stress, hoops to jump through and miscellaneous stupid criteria. Now throw in a new area where the job market is supposed to be non-existent and the stress level is multiplied exponentially. We moved to Hawaii on March 1st, on March 10th I sent off some applications because I was starting to have initial panic attacks about not being employed.  On the day we moved into our apartment, March 23rd, I got a call, asking me to come in for an interview.  That interview led to more interviews and the short story is…now I have a job.  Here’s the really really cool part, because of scheduling conflicts with the new boss being out-of-town and the fact Mitch and I are going to Seattle in June for Rachel’s graduation, I don’t start my new job until July 8th.   I KNOW!!! I’ve been given this amazing gift of time.  I’ve always wanted a gift of time….especially in Hawaii.  Since Mitch will be going to school and that hasn’t been finalized yet,  I have someone to share this precious gift.

It’s really been nice to have time to set up our apartment, get the lay of the land and explore at our leisure.  One of the ways we’ve been spending our time is exploring all the ways the beach can change from day-to-day. Every day that we’ve been to the beach it’s different.  Oh sure it’s always gorgeous, but the waves change.  Monday of this past week, the water was so flat that all we did was hang draped over our boogie boards waiting for the waves to arrive.  Oh I didn’t mention that we had boogie boards…oh my god, it’s so much fun!  Here we are so tentative at first, I know we look like total dorks and then WHAM, we’re in the water riding those fool waves up to the sand.  The past few days there has been a surf advisory for all of the islands.  That means that there are dangerous waves which can suck the very life out of you, if you’re not paying attention. Please notice the alert below says surf 6-10 feet, that’s much bigger than me, and not anything that I want to fight with.

High Surf Warning

Yesterday I went out for a few waves and got my share of good rides, but this was one of those days when I really had to be careful.  I like the happy medium beach days where I’m enjoying the ride and not getting pummeled to death.  Ok, let’s back up for a few minutes.  If you clicked on the BOOGIE BOARD link and read through everything, don’t think for a second that either Mitch or I are out riding waves in the middle of the ocean. Neither one of us have walked out where the water is over our heads.  We’re on the trainer waves riding on boogie boards purchased at a chain retail outlet, plus we’re 54 years old.

My very brave husband is out there, time and time again. I have some video, but I promised I wouldn’t post it…sorry!  He’s having a blast, and just so you know we wear plenty of sun screen, which we reapply during the day.  We purchased an umbrella and a couple of beach chairs, all which can be carried on our backs.  We’re even on first name basis with the parking lot attendant, we’re there so much. During all of this beach time,there is one thing that I’ve never heard mentioned…and that’s the amount of sand that is taken away from the beach in ones swimsuit.  huh, who knew!

After I had my share of boogie boarding yesterday, I walked to the outside showers to rinse off.  This is a great opportunity to leave the sand where it’s supposed to be and have a little less salt and sunscreen on.  I walked back to our stuff to sit down to watch the people and dry as best I could.  I lay down on my towel to dry my backside, and when I felt like I was getting too much sun, I sat up, sitting crossed legged.  I’d noticed that my suit was feeling odd, but thought it was just from the water.  I glanced down to the towel I was on…emitting a very loud gasp.  It looked like I was sporting a woody, and I KNOW that I don’t have that sort of equipment on me.  I jumped up flailing around, being careful to not look like a self satisfying pervert at the beach (if you know what I mean) only to discover that there was about 2 cups of sand resting in the crotch of my swimsuit.  Serious how did I not know this happened when you swam in the ocean, was I gone the day we talked about this in health class?  Was I doing something wrong, like scooping up sandy water with the top of my suit as I got off my board?  Yeah there were adjustments going on, but not enough to scoop that much sand. Sure it makes sense now that I think about it, but really?

We got home, showered and I laid my suit out to dry on the lanai and that bad boy was heavy.  How the hell did I get so much sand, I couldn’t see a way in. This morning I came out to see how it was drying and I turned it upside down.  All of the sand fell out the same way it came in, through a very large opening between the lining and actual suit.  I’ve sewn that gap shut and we’ll see tomorrow just how much sand I bring home with me.  Here’s a pic of what I was carrying around.  No wonder it felt like I had a full diaper, and I don’t even remember that sensation.

Sandy bottom