Settling in


We have unpacked 99.9% of the stuff we brought with us to our newly rented apartment.  On the upside, that means that we’ve set up house and can have some sort of normal life.  If you call looking up from the lanai, listening to the birds sing and having a soft gentle cool breeze caress my bare feet normal, well ok then.  I guess what I really mean is the ability to make coffee in our own maker, sipped from our own mugs, made with our own proclivities.  As I think about it, we’ve been in a transitional state for many many months.  The last 3 months have been the ones with the most upheaval.  And after a happy sighhhhh of relief, we are now in a place that can bring us to a state where we can create a routine.  Call me an odd duck, but I like my routine….most of the time.  If I didn’t have to work, I’d be happy getting up everyday drinking coffee on the lanai, and heading off to the farmers markets on the weekends. But at some point the money has to start rolling back in.  It seems like we’ve been trying to staunch the bleeding of money since we got here, but we knew that a rather quick exit of $’s was going to happen.  That comes with any move… I guess…maybe.  It was sorta weird, when the dudes we’re bringing all of the stuff that we had shipped from Seattle up our flight of stairs, I was embarrassed that we had so much stuff. The goal had been to down size and we have, for the most part.  But I’d be lying if I left out the fact we have a storage unit as well, that unit is holding all of the things we won’t be using for about a year….the garden tools, 95% of our books and all the cardboard that moved us here.

Now don’t be disappointed but where we landed is not what you’d typically think of when you think of Hawaii.  In fact, it reminds me of Emmett in the spring time….except every day here looks like spring.  I’ve included a shot of where we live…..for real obvious reasons we call it the shire.  This view is about 3/4’s of a mile from the center of the little town.  Two stop lights…gotta love it.  It’s like spring time every day. This cowboy/upcountry area is short term for us, with a more tropical place in our future.

Kamuela HI

Doesn’t look very tropical does it….but look close when you come here and drive around, you will see palms, and ferns and hear the birds of Hawaii.  Check out this link of the area we live, it’s got some pretty awesome history.

The first few days at our new apartment was busy-busy-busy.  Beds to make, boxes to unpack, our life ‘stuff’ to organize.  And we did it, we stored and changed and stuffed and tweaked….and now we can explore to our hearts content.  This week, the end of week 2 in our ‘transitional’ house, we had our first social outing.  Our landlords, who we find out are VERY well connected in our small town, had us over for cocktails.  Cool, gotta love that.  On Friday morning I get a call from the landlord and it’s now 8 people that will be there….specifically to meet us.  Wow, talk about a welcome wagon.  I was kind of nervous because I wasn’t sure what to wear, or what to bring, but once we got there it was fine and now we have plans to make our way to our place in the next couple of weeks.

The job search has been progressing in a positive fashion….that’s all you get on that subject for the time being. BUT the beach time has been great!  We’ve taken time out of our very busy home making schedule to trot down to the beach twice now  One of the best beaches in the world is about 15 minutes down the hill from us.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Hapuna Beach?   We’re getting smarter and have limited our time on the sand and in the water ti minimize any potential for sun burn. I see a couple of boogies boards in one of our next purchases and I suppose we should look into catastrophic insurance too.  We’re of that age…

I was talking with my eldest sister a short while ago and she asked me if we had experienced any disappointments or anything depressing so far in our journey.  The only thing that popped to mind was how much longer it took to find a place to live.  We must have looked at a couple dozen places and there were only two I felt that wouldn’t have to fumigate or bleach before moving in. One of the two was asking $2000 a month for a lovely home nestled on the cliff of the ocean and the other we’re living in.

The truly saddest/depressing (and now laughable) experience we had, was the day that we were to be interviewed as potential house sitters for a vacation rental.  The owner travels to California a lot for her other business and needed some presence when she was gone.  After driving 90 minutes from where we were staying, we located the place.  We would be less than a football fields length to the pacific ocean…cool.  However within the first 90 seconds of conversation we learned of her bad divorce, Dual restraining orders, badly needed home (and mental) repairs, lack of funds, a hostile vindictive on the way to being an ex-husband-she-should-have-divorced-10-years-ago as well as the local pot smoking drum circle that frequented the park outside the house.  The only other ‘useful’ thing we learned about the park out front was it offered the best cell service for that area.  Oh the joy, it was only our main form of communication!   During her dissertation at one point, I stopped her longed enough to ask if the vindictive soon to be ex-husband was going to show up at any given time with a parcel of guns and shoot anyone in sight.  She assured us that he was a peaceful man who only wanted to smoke his pot and get his share of the proceeds from the pending sale of what would have been our home.   Now I’m not going to disparage that place by naming it, but if you ask me in person I’ll tell you.

We had been really hopeful that we might learn a thing or two about vacation rentals from this person.  However the situation was akin to walking into a psych ward with the patients being in charge.  The red flags did not stop popping up.  The longer she talked the less we wanted in.  We were gracious as she gave us a somewhat limited tour and we chatted with the outgoing threesome of house sitters.  I did not get any good vibes from any of these people, but it could have been when she challenged us with being spies for her soon to be ex-husband., that my fondness for her diminished.  The day had started with such high hopes, one where we could be effective in what we know, have a place to call home for a while and not have a huge outlay of cash.  But we were just smart enough to walk away and keep going.  We declined any offers of dinner and couldn’t get out of there quick enough.  There’s a reason we don’t have a lot of drama in our lives, and it’s going to stay that way.

As you can see the cat has adjusted quite well.  In fact we all have.  More to come!

Cica's doing well